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L to R: Ryan N. Smith, Sarah Chase, xxx, Kelly Sanchez, Peter Chase, Geena Stellato, Lindsay Harte, Audrey Arthur

If you would like to become part of the fabric of our [future] scarves, please send a photo of yourself at the 2017 March using our online form to allow us to use your placard on future designs.  We’ll be editing the scarves as new images come available… our goal?  No repeats.

The First Edition

Brought to you by Sewn For Good* and the students, friends, family and clients of Janice Martin, a couture designer of bridal and evening wear.

*Sewn For Good is our label dedicated to raising funds for causes and organizations we believe in! National Constitution Center/League of Women Voters/Planned Parenthood/Women’s Law Project/ACLU/Tabitha Foundation and the list goes on.

L to R: Helena Markley Cahn von Seelen, Kristin Smith Cahn von Seelen, Susanna Cahn von Seele, Sara F. Anderson


Never one to join a crowd, Janice Martin for once decided that the more bodies marching on Washington, the better.  So she joined up with Kristin, her daughters and aunt.  Who knew “the aunt” would be a retired professor who was a professional marcher in her youth and knew to outfit all with baggies of fruit and nuts, new metro cards, trash bag (to sit on or wear in case of rain) and toilet paper (because you never know about those Porta-Janes).

Chapter One

The March. Millions of women and men in all colors, shapes and sizes massed tightly together but moving in unison… peacefully, POLITELY (we were mostly women after all)… an extraordinary day of passion, issues, solidarity.

Chapter Two

The return.  Back home, looking at photos and hearing the aggressive stance being taken against Planned Parenthood and realizing that funding could actually be cut gave rise to the idea that if there was anything I could do to help in the world of work that I inhabit, I wanted to do so… and looking at the photos, I realized there were 342 images of graphic, colorful, theme oriented placards which could make a beautiful textile which could be quilted (too much work), or maybe made into a cool dress (too ephemeral)… or better yet, a SCARF!!!  One size fits all, no changing room needed, available cross country… and if I could use the same attention to detail as we pride ourselves in with my “day job”, then maybe we could design a high quality, attractive textile which might resonate with women who took the time to be involved with the March… AND donate to Planned Parenthood.

It was exciting to think I might sell a few scarves and donate a little bit of money.

Audrey Arthur

Chapter Three

I am no graphic designer.  So, Leona our in-house intern suggested I approach Stuart Lehrman at Jefferson University’s (formerly PhilaU/Phila College of Textile & Science) graphics department.  His student Liza worked with our intern Lisa to develop the scarves you see here (there are two more in development, so sign up for future announcements)…

Chapter Four

Enthusiasm… from almost everyone whom I showed the designs…. (except of course, from women who didn’t attend the March because they didn’t agree with the concept to start with).  Enough enthusiasm, in fact, to make us believe that the designs we developed might be attractive to more than a few people.

Protesters hold placards during the Women’s March rally, in Geneva, Switzerland, 21 January 2017. Protest rallies were held in over 30 countries around the world in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington in defense of press freedom, women’s and human rights following the official inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America in Washington, DC, USA, on 20 January 2017. EPA/SALVATORE DI NOLFI
NYTCREDIT: Salvatore Di Nolfi/European Pressphoto Agency

Chapter Five

Production.  Ever think a simple project would actually be simple?  Of course it’s not… especially when you want to manufacture something in the U.S.A.  It’s really difficult.  Time consuming.  Four false starts and finally we find a vendor able to print, another to sew, another to cut, another to hem and package…. (that’s a lot of shipping costs).  But of course, if the scarf says “Made in America” it MUST BE, every step of the way!

Chapter Six

Sales.  Now we’re talking… figure out how many of what designs you want for yourself… for gift-giving… to celebrate the first anniversary of the Women’s March 2017.  Wear your philosophy.  Strengthen your politics.  Invite discussion.  Meet your neighbors and converse with family and try to understand varied viewpoints AND give back to those organizations you most value.

Epilogue: Voila!  A project that has been a year in the making which makes all of us working on it proud…