Made in America for AMWA


10 % of all sales go to AMWA
13″ x 60″ 100% silk habotai
Machine edge hem
Dry clean only
All sales final
Made in America!!!



A protest…. A march… WHAT DOES DEMOCRACY  LOOK LIKE…. THIS is what DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE… a slogan… banners… a presidential election… red, white, blue… let’s Make America Kind again… and smart again… and noble, smile, care, love and THINK again… let’s design a scarf inspired by the March which celebrates America in all its best endeavors… and let’s help provide education to students, youth, immigrants and native born men and women who have forgotten (or maybe never learned) about the virtues of our Great Constitution and all the freedoms it protects.

Support Constitutional Education for All!

Variations of print/sewing are part of the nature of the product and are to be expected.